Hartman Value Profile

The Hartman Value Profile (HVP) is based on  research by Robert S Highlands. This interesting profile measures the individual’s thinking style. Thinking styles are defined by people’s problem-solving strengths, problem solving struggles and their ability to avoid the blind spots associated with individual bias.  This assessment measures an individual’s unique thinking approach.

The HVP assessment captures your individual thinking patterns and identifies your brain’s natural selection process when you make decisions.  It’s not an attitude test, an intelligence test, or a psychological test.  Your thinking and your mental processing ability, like any skill, can be improved. However, to improve decision-making an individual must first fully understand the balance of thinking style strengths and challenges.

There are three core thinking dimensions + six sub-dimensions measured by the Hartman Value profile:

  • People or intuitive thinking, is measured by assisting empathy and self-esteem
  • Task or practical thinking, is measured by assessing practical judgement and rolling us
  • Systems or conceptual thinking, is measured using systems judgement and self-direction

The HDP report offers three choices, either a general focused, self-focused, or occupational focused perspective. All three reports undercover thinking style insights about communication, problem-solving aptitude and prioritised strengths. They also highlight the areas in need of improvement or development.