DISC Assessments

The DISC Assessment is a behavioural profiling tool that can assist individuals to improve performance, increase productivity and enhance self awareness.  In an organisational context, it can be used to build highly effective teams, assist to hire the right person for the right job and empower leaders to perform at the top of their game.  Used by companies large and small the DISC Assessment teaches users how to identify the easily predictable aspects of communication.  

Based on the research work of Dr William Moulton Marsden, this assessment is one of the most widely used tools by coaches, human resource professionals and leaders in organisations to understand behaviours both in and out of the workplace.  In its current format, it is supported by years of research and validation.

“The better able team members are to engage, speak, listen, hear, interpret, and respond constructively, the more likely their teams are to leverage conflict rather than be levelled by it.”

- Runde and Flanagan

People prefer to hang out with people they like.  Their ability to create rapport is a key skill in leadership, team work and sales.  One of the core purposes of using the DISC Assessment is to help the user create and maintain effective relationships.  You don’t need to be a different person to get along with someone not like you, however you must recognise what motivates these people and have strategies for interacting effectively with them.  In essence, you must take a step toward them and their way of doing things. 

Our DISC reports offer tips, tools and ideas to enable you to relate to others better.  They suggest specific skills necessary to enhance your interactions with others not like you.  The reports identify your natural behavioural style and contain specific recommendations for everyone.  If acted upon, these recommendations can have potent and discernible results.  It’s important that our DISC users have easy to learn, easy to apply strategies that create fast results.

DISC Applications

  • Coaching – Challenge users to achieve their best.
  • Mentoring – Determine how to fast forward staff with the most potential.
  • Leadership Development – Enable key leaders to bring out the best in their people.
  • Manager Development – Identify ways to manage and motivate staff for the long term.
  • Team Building – Create workable teams based on skill and behavioural style.  Create the perfect team for special projects or day-to-day productivity.
  • Change Management – Learn how to manage workplace behaviours to move from resistance to acceptance.
  • Recruiting – Choose the right person for the right job based on a clear match of identified job related behaviours.
  • Conflict Resolution – Create understanding between conflicting parties based on their individual behavioural style.
  • Customer Service – Show your customer service team how to relate better with all customers by tuning into the customer’s behavioural style.
  • Sales Training – Teach staff how to identify and sell to the preferred behaviours of their prospects.
  • MeetingsPlan and facilitate meetings based on the behavioural preferences of the key participants.

DISC Group Reports

A 24x7 Assessments account includes FREE access to unlimited DISC Team Reports. These reports enable you to examine the DISC results of two or more participants providing interesting insights. These reports can be highly valuable when coaching to enhance interpersonal communication, build teams, develop succession plans and expose behavioural traits during a selection process.

Your 24x7 Assessments account includes unlimited access to five different team reports.

  1. DISC Group Graphs: Exhibits all DISC graphs, both Natural and Adapted for each member of the group.
  2. DISC Integrated Behaviours: Charts how each participant in the group ranks in intensity for the twelve integrated behaviours.
  3. DISC Team Dynamics Report: A 23-page report, which provides information including a combined overview of the different behavioural styles within the group, plus where each person is situated on the DISC Wheel.
  4. DISC Team Wheel: Plots everyone in a specific group on the DISC Wheel.
  5. DISC Collaboration Report: The DISC Collaboration Report identifies the characteristics of the interrelationship of any two individuals.  It identifies the likely areas of similar and dissimilar behavioural tendencies and perspective.  The report identifies areas that may lead to misunderstanding, conflict and potential disruption.

All five of these DISC Team reports are FREE and can be created from your online account in any quantity required.

English, UK English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Khmer (Cambodian), Korean, Malaysian,
Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Vietnamese. [Note: Finnish currently being translated]